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Adding Colours Into Resin Art

Love colours that are vibrant and rich enough to make your work stand out or achieve a certain look that you have envisioned?

Our colours are very pigmented so you can achieve a deep colour with just a single drop! That is how amazing and strong Resin Art’s colouring ranges are! We are excited to share with you what we will be launching this time round. Our new launch would have 2 Colouring Range, the Paste and Liquid type.

The Paste Colouring would be in paste form, the colours for this range are more opaque and dense while the Liquid Colouring would be in liquid form where it will be more translucent but still rich in colour.

If you are wondering which to get, you will get colours from both ranges and see what works for you. Both colour range are really nice and help you to do whatever Resin Art projects that you are embarking on.

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